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Fotograaf met liefde voor het observeren van mensen in hun omgeving

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Kim Holland in Rotterdam

Kim Holland - Pillow Fight For Love - Rotterdam Centraal
From time to time you get to photograph something that’s just ‘a lot of fun’. Today, one of the first days of 2015 that felt like ‘spring’, was one of those days. I got a nudge by one of my colleagues of Vers Beton there would be a pillow fight starring ‘Kim Holland’. Kim Holland, as you might or might not know, is a Dutch porn producer, one that always fights for female friendly porn where the use of condoms is a rule instead of an exception. So this morning, I took my camera gear with me, and decided it was a good day for photography, as the sun was shining and I had an interesting subject to work with. And a good day it was! I had a lot of fun walking between the ‘fighters’ and trying not to get hit by a pillow. Kim Holland seemed to have a lot of fun herself, fighting, smiling, posing with like-minded people. The organisation behind this ‘Pillow Fight for Love‘ is One World. They stated: “Join the fight for the freedom to love who you want, to be able to get condoms, for medical care while pregnant and for ending sexual abuse of girls. Here in the Netherlands, and in the rest of the world.” More pictures are available on this page. All in all I had a lot of fun today, and wanted to share this view of ‘a day in a photographers’ live’ with you.

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